Entertainment Update: Three Worlds, Classics of Mountains, and LOTS More


I am back! Hehe, sorry for the lack of posts :””D, even Archidisign nagged me about it ^^… and we didn’t even cover Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s wedding. Yep, there is a lot of catching up to do in the entertainment world!

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[Anticipation Post] Rise of a Tomboy


An official post! Here we go! This very anticipated movie of mine is called The Rise of a Tomboy and stars Zhang Han and Zhao Liying after their successful collaboration in Boss&Me aka Shan Shan Comes to Eat. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Shanghai TV Series Festival, My Sassy Girl, Ode to Gallantry


An award show? How unexpected at this time of the year! Anyhow, some of our favorites went to the ceremony so I am happy. SUPER long post today. There are lots of new stills for various projects such as Old Nine Gates, My Sassy Girl, Demon Girl, Ode to Gallantry. Also, there are some new casting news for both dramas and variety shows. Enjoy ^^

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List of C-Ent Bromance ~ Guys Edition


After our post on girl eternal friendships (this post), here is the continuation from the guys’ sides! There are so many! Like last time, I am pretty sure we missed out on a lot again… If you noticed any miss, feel free to write a comment and scold us 😛 It didn’t feel right to only call them BFF. Some are just casual friendships and others are mostly created by the media/fangirls. So, here is a list of bromances in Chinese entertainment! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, To Be a Better Man, My Sassy Girl 2

New entertainment Update! For the first week of March, let’s get an overdose of Lay and f(x)! Of course, highly anticipated projects such as Zhu Xian and Stay with Me did not disappoint either! Hope March is not too cold for anyone 🙂

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[New Drama] The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream with Zhang Han and Go Joon-Hee


Remember the casting news we talked about before starring Zhu Yilong and Song Yi? Well turns out it is actually Zhang Han and Go Joon-Hee who will play the leadd, pushing Yilong and Song Yi back to second leads. Evil. Produced by 上海时悦影视文化 Shanghai Shi Yue Culture and Film company, this new drama is of course adapted by a novel of the same name: 《夏梦狂诗曲》. Continue reading

[Movie] Rise of a Tomboy with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han


Short post because I feel like it! ^^ Production team The Rise of a Tomboy starring Zhao Liying and Zhang Han released new character stills and stills. I was so excited because we didn’t see any news about this movie since last summer. Gosh, time pass way too fast. There isn’t a release date, but I hope it will be out soon.

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