Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei’s acting chops in the series Huang Zhu Ge Ge have blown the whole Asia away (I am not kidding) and putted her automatically on the A-List. With her many bankable projects, she is still considered an excellent actress and is well respected. Her hit projects include: Red Cliff, Mulan and Painted Skin. Her next big project: Tiger Mom. Her career is set up mostly in the Chinese and HKese market. She is considered as onf othe Four Dan Actresses of Modern China.

Private life:

Zhao Wei is married and has a little daughter, April Huang, of five year old. She is also married to a business man and has great amount of assets in the stocks.

For more news about Zhao Wei, please follow ageless-soul on tumblr

She is also known for her high profile movies which allows her to go to multiple Film Festival and Award Ceremonies:


Her fashion in Chinese TV series Tiger Mom (I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES… Credits to Ageless-Soul)

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Her photoshoots:


Some random photo shoots pictures:

Photoshoot for Bazaar 2015:

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