[Red Carpet] 6th Beijing International Film Festival


Including the pictures from the previous entertainment update 🙂 Enjoy the pretty ladies 🙂 This is not the most popular red carpet of the year, but the guests make up for it!

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Weibo Festival’s Red Carpet


I have a Weibo End of Year 2015 Recap article to publish soon for you guys, but I guess red carpets are more important, right? ^^… Enjoy many more pictures of the first big event of 2016 (or last of 2015? .-.)!!

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End of Year Shows by DongFang, Zhejiang, Hunan and JiangSu TV

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Celebrities are joining in for the end of the year shows, which mostly includes musical performances from celebrities /actors /singers. We won’t do a recap of the whole night (that’s too crazy), but here are the key moments… (in our opinion) Wow, that was one crazy end of the year, but we did it! Hope C-ent world can slow down a bit and let us breath… v_v Continue reading

Devil or Angel Held Red Carpet


Ready for one of the most anticipated holiday movie of this year? Devil or Angel held a red carpet and it is adorable to see how many guests on Run Brother came to support Deng Chao! It will be released today, so stay tuned everyone!!

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Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Elle Red Carpet, The Adventure of Love


A lot of projects to talk about! There are a lot of projects that started filming or started their promotional phase, which means one thing: it is picture spamming time (as always :P).  Continue reading

Anhui’s Domestic TV series Ceremony 国剧盛典


Le’ts talk about this year’s Domestic TV Series Ceremony 国剧盛典 2015 hosted by Dongfang Dragon TV Channel/Anhui Channel. Haha. What a stupid idea to film the ceremony on December 18th 2015 and only air it on January 1st, 2016. So stupid I could get mad. This means we don’t see the funny moments during the ceremony, the interviews, the shows and even the awards given moments in advance. The pictures for the red carpet are out though and I really wanted to share them before next year :3 (as always, BTS at the end of the post)

Edit 2015/12/20 : Lifewithdramas made a really good list of winners so you can go check it out here. 😛  Continue reading