Met Gala 2015 hits the Red Carpet


This year, a ton of famous Chinese actresses (plus Chen Kun and Kris Wu) where invited to the 2015 Met Gala hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This year’s Met Gala has a Chinese theme China: Through the Looking Glass (which you may have realized from Rihanna’s egg dress…). Of course, as soon as the pictures came out, online social medias all start arguing about who have the best dress. It seems the choice Fan Bingbing is the most popular, what do you guys think?

Met Gala this year sure was an explosive experience, and the most memorizable for me will be Anne Hathaway. I love you girl, but this outfit not only it makes you stand out, but makes you look like an Oscar sculpture. I mean, you have already received tons of nominations and prizes, no need to put it out there like this 😛


Chen Kun


Gong Li

Maggie Q


Fan Bingbing


Zhao Wei


Liu Wen


Li Yuchun


Gao Yuanyuan


Tang Wei


Ni Ni


Li Bingbing


Zhang Ziyi


Shu Pei


Kris Wu


Zhou Xun


Funny picture of Ni Ni and Anne Hathaway XD This feels so Asian and tourist, very feat of the event’s theme XD


Source 1//Source 2


9 thoughts on “Met Gala 2015 hits the Red Carpet

  1. Thanks for this, I haven’t found the pictures elsewhere (despite the massive reporting on Hollywood actors’ and celebrities’ dresses). I don’t speak and can’t read Mandarin, so I definitely missed the discussions on Weibo. But my favorite of the above bunch is Shu Pei — looks like the modern twist of a hanfu (cheongsam’s a little overworked). Maggie Q’s interestingly looks more like the Vietnamese ao dai.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is indeed a lot harder to find information if you don’t understand Chinese, I don’t fully understand mandarin and also feel like I am missing out on a lot of discussions :”). I just uploaded my sources if you want to check it out (I mostly go on Entertainment Sina and Weibo for pictures). I approve! Shu Pei looks really nice in this picture even though I didn’t see the fashion reference :P…


  2. Fan Bingbing looks like she could have been stolen out of her “The Empress of China” drama set. I couldn’t recognise Zhao Wei from the first picture, she can definitely do better than this. I like Liu Wen’s and Li Bingbing’s look but I think Shu Pei’s the winner. She managed to pull off her look really well, considering the fact that I don’t even like that dress. Which one do you like the best?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I actually thought FBB’s dress was the most feat for the gala, it has the authentic Chinese feel but still remain beautiful, but I agree it is not her best fashion statement… my favorite is Maggie Q’s 🙂


  3. NeoCleo says:

    These gowns are all stunning and light years ahead in taste of those worn by the USA actresses. Why do our women (USA) have such poor taste? I’m so embarrassed. (Not ALL of them obviously, but a significant number of them are really tacky: Beyoncé comes immediately to mind. Even worse: Kim Kardashian. Totally trashy, both of them.)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I agree! I first saw the pictures of Chinese actresses before those of Hollywood stars, and I couldn’t believe they were for the same gala 😛 I guess the Chinese crew went for a more elegant vibe while the USA went for the sexy and the weird…hehe ^^


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